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Who are we? is managed by Infocom Technologies Limited, a sister company of the largest Media house in East Africa – IPP MEDIA, a member of the IPP GROUP OF COMPANIES. For more information on us, please click on IPP GROUP on the NAVIGATION BAR located on the top left hand corner of the main page.

Where are the stories generated from?
Stories are generated from our News rooms, operated by The Guardian Limited, Independent Television Limited (which includes ITV, Radio One, East Africa Radio, East Africa Television, Sky FM) and Press Services Tanzania Limited.

How do I access stories published in specific Newspapers?
On the NAVIGATION box located on the top left hand side of the main page, click on NEWSPAPERS. A page will appear with headlines from all English and Swahili publications owned by The Guardian Limited, which includes: The Guardian, Financial Times, Sunday Observer, Family Mirror and Nipashe, Nipashe Jumapili, Alasiri, Komesha, Kasheshe, Taifa Letu and Lete Raha. Simply click on the headline for the full story.

How do I find a particular story?
You can use our ARCHIVE engine to look up stories by subject and date. Try to use the most specific keywords possible.

When is news updated?
News is updated throughout the day and evening.

How can I subscribe to IPPMEDIA.COM’S daily newsletter?
On the SPECIAL box, top left hand side of the main page, click on SUBSCRIBE. A page / form will open prompting you to fill in details. Subscribe by updating your details.

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Internet Explorer:
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3. Click OK to continue.

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How do I make my home page?

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The homepage you choose will appear each time you use Internet Explorer. To make your homepage
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I just saw a story on TV, is it on the Web?
Not every TV and Radio story is available on (just as the web site publishes stories that are not found on TV.), however, to check if a particular story has been published, use our ARCHIVES / SEARCH engines, by entering keywords that describe the topic.



How do I request copies of a show or get reprint information?
Information about obtaining copies of News programs and permission on using reprints of stories can be found by filing a request through our FEEDBACK form



Finding stories quickly with IPPMEDIA SEARCH
At , information is close at hand. On the navigation bar, left of each page, there are links to all sections. Simply click the name of the section you want, or go to a story directly.

MAIN NEWS in both English and Kiswahili are found on the top section of the main page.

HEADLINES of ENGLISH, KISWAHILI and SPORTS are found in the middle section of the main page and links to full stories (Links are indicated when your pointer switches from an arrow to a pointing hand.)

Is there an archive of old news stories?
Yes. Located on the left hand side of the page, you are able to search by subject or by date.

Simply type in the topic/criteria in the bar located directly under the SEARCH engine, and then clicks the GO box located directly under the search box.

Click on the ARCHIVES link in the left-hand margin and search stories that appeared in the newspaper by date



Where can I get information about advertising on IPP Media network ? sales team will be happy to provide you with information about advertising on IPP MEDIA NETWORK. You can contact us by filing in the ADVERTISE form (located on the SPECIAL BAR , top left hand corner of the main page) or get in touch via details published on the CONTACT page.



If you have not found answers to your questions in this Help section, please fill in the FEEDBACK form with specific questions or to report technical problems with the site.



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  Things to consider for our site - future
Generally, if the byline reads "IPP MEDIA Contributor," we may grant permissions to reprint. Otherwise, you will have to contact the author/source news agency listed in the article directly.

Moving through the news:
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