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Farmers tell Pinda: Supply us with more Minjingu fertiliser
2009-05-06 13:38:01
By Guardian Reporter

Mtama village farmers in Mbinga District, Ruvuma Region have asked the Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, to ensure that they continue getting fertiliser from Minjingu factory saying it was effective.

They said the fertiliser from Minjingu had increased maize production three times compared to the period before they started using it.

They made the appeal on Monday when Pinda inspected a maize trial farm in the village.

Pinda was in Ruvuma Region for a two-day official visit before flying to Kigoma Region where he started another visit there yesterday.

Reading the report before the PM, chairman of the maize trial group Gizla Mbugu said farmers needed more Minjingu fertiliser because of its effectiveness.

He said once Minjingu fertiliser was mixed with Urea production of maize “goes up to three times the normal production``.

``This year farmers are able to get more than 16 bags of maize per acreage. This is three times compared to what it was before,`` he said.

Mbugu told Pinda that effective use of artificial fertilisers increased production in their area.

Mtama Village farmer Allen Nombo called upon the government to ensure that the fertiliser reached the region in large amount because of its effectiveness as well as its affordability.

Currently, a bag of 50kg was sold between 25,000/- and
30,000/- without subsidy, but the price would go down to between 15,000/- and 18,000/- with it.

The price of DAP fertiliser of the same weight is between 90,000/-and 120,000/- without subsidy and between 40,000/-and 50,000/- with the subsidy.

Meanwhile, Pinda urged Kigoma regional authorities to refrain from baseless debates and concentrate on working for people\'s development.

He made the statement when speaking to regional leaders soon after starting the official visit.

He however asked leaders to borrow a leaf from authorities in Rukwa Region who, have been diligently working for people`s development.

``You as leaders need not waste time for endless debates…your debates don`t help the ordinary people,`` he concluded.

  • SOURCE: Guardian
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