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It`s time to go for entrepreneurship, don tells graduates
2009-05-07 19:20:49
By Correspondent Zuwena Shame

University and higher learning graduates have been urged to opt for entrepreneurship as career in order to solve the problem of job scarcity.

The University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship Centre (UDEC) director Dr Donath Olomi said this during an interview with this newspaper recently, shortly after giving remarks at a two-day annual conference on Career College Convention held in the city.

Dr Olomi said that entrepreneurship or self employment for graduates was a perfect career because it provided sure employment.

``Entrepreneurship is a career and sure way of earning income with big profit and security control of life, graduates should take it seriously after graduating and prepare themselves before graduation,`` Dr Olomi.

Dr Olomi said before finishing studies, graduates should create own networks for capital accumulation and preparedness for entrepreneurship.

When asked why most university graduates did not get jobs after graduating, Dr Olomi said: ``Most graduates and employers are not competent enough.

They lack good qualifications in key areas like communication skills, confidence, report-writing, and analysis and language trends.``

He blamed the problem of lack of competent graduates on the education system in the country.

``Our education system and syllabi aren`t stable; what is taught in classes is not what the job market needs.``

He, however, said that when it comes to interviews most of the graduates did not know even how to express themselves.

For his part, coordinator of Trinity Media Austin Makani said the conference gave opportunities to students to acquaint themselves with the challenges ahead before they graduated.

``Most of the students are anxious to realise their challenges when looking for the jobs…why they don`t get them and whether the jobs are there,`` he said.

The two-day conference brought together students from universities and higher learning institutions, employers and employees to discuss the challenges most graduates face when looking for jobs and why they don`t get them.

It was prepared by Trinity Media and sponsored by the IPP Media, Tanzania Postal Bank and the Dar es Salaam City Council.

The students were from universities and higher learning institutions from the Mainland and Zanzibar.

  • SOURCE: Guardian
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