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How Chenge was paid radar billions

Thanks God for listen our pray because according to your word every hidden thing will be seen and every single word kept will be revealed. All this money is from many poor Tanzanian most of them are peasant living below 1$ spend per day. I am wondering if for real patrotic leader could engaged in unscrupulous deal while this money come from poor men and women in the village having nothing to eat. My friend God is GREAT and he cannot leave you without a punishment you deserve. This is allegation the door of justice is open Mr Chenge SIR,just be honesty and tell us a truth.
  • Comment by BENSON NKYA
  • Date              Sunday 01 February 2009
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Vithlani must be singing like a canary in assisting the SFO with their enquiries as a deal from prosecution. The Chenges of this world must have known and accepted the risk of their greed and treason. What they did not count on is being caught red handed (They counted on being able to bribe local investigators and political colleagues to kill any challenge) It was an open secret that Chenge actively undermined the country`s interests for his own gain in most of the contracts while AG. He and his fellow fisadis must face the consequences of there treason under the laws they perverted with such arrogance and personal greed.
  • Comment by Mtanzania
  • Date              Sunday 01 February 2009
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A nasty action should be taken immediately to this big robbery. Tanzanias they should not accept a court bullshit.The man has got a lot of money which is easily to corupt the court. The problem most Tanzanians they are not faith to their fellow citizen. The only way to solve this is peoples power rather than this will be an empty song.
  • Comment by mohammed
  • Date              Sunday 01 February 2009
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The $12m back-door payment to Vithlani, Chenge and others, represented 30 percent of the contract value". Only London financiers, hedge funds, vulture funds, speculative financial investments, speculative commodities trade markets, and structural adjustment programs- World Bank (WB) and international monetary Fund (IMF) are the drivers of financial constraints the developing countries, such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and others. It is less likely that Mr. Change, average Tanzanian could have inherited that money from his family without the help of London, financial district and New York wall street, New Jersey, Connecticut, Gay man Island, Isle of Man and the British Islands across the board.
  • Comment by  anictus temba
  • Date              Monday 02 February 2009
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