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Five grand corruption `sharks` named

I commend Mengi for coming out directly and naming the mafia godfathers who so far have escaped identification by compromising certain policitians and Govt officials through corruption. I do believe there was a grand plan by certain individuals in the business community to `take over` the wealth of our country by using citizenship as a flag of convenience and bribery and influence as a means of gaining absolute power over decisions taken by the nation. It is time to tackle this problem head on.Tanzanians must support the fight against this evil cancer that is taking hold at the heart of our political and economic systems before we are all infected and exterminated. Mungu awabariki wazalendo.
  • Comment by Mtanzania
  • Date              Friday 24 April 2009
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Mengi has done such a bold step. I consider what Mengi has done as a big step towards fight against corruption. This boldness reminds me of the late Edward Moringe. His boldness resembles the boldness of the old prophets in the Bible. May God almighty help and protect Mr. Reginald Mengi.
  • Comment by Everest Kivuyo
  • Date              Friday 24 April 2009
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Mengi is very courageous and real Tanzanian national. I don\' know why we ordinary Tanzanians do not give him the necessary support. Those are the names even our leaders know, but don\' dare mention them for some reason. Watanzania tuamke sasa!!!

This is one of the Best article I have ever ready for a long time. This show how stronger Confident fearless. I love Mengi and I wish him all the Best. Tanzania we neeed people like Mengi. I know its hard to open your month to say what he said for Politioal reason and Life threat because those people have $$ not Tz Shs their can discard you any time this is not ajoke Mengi trust me God is with you .this people their have taken our childrean resoures I have telling Friends of mine long time ago ( like 20 years ago) that Indian is killing our Economi no body listen to me I work in a Indian Company as Senior Accountant for 10 Years (1989-1999) I used to know all the Tactic but you know everything was own by Indian even Mengi had a lot of Indian Friend I don\'t think he has one right now. Duncan

in tz there more than 5 sharks, please we want to here more and i think its good you start pls, give us tanzanian more names, keep it up baba wa wananchi

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