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National Assembly Speaker Sitta happy with CAG`s decision
2009-05-03 16:57:05
By Staff Reporter, Dodoma

The Speaker of the National Assembly Samuel Sitta said recent clearance of his office by the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) over allegations of embezzlement of funds shows that people bent on ``tarnishing his name in the public will not succeed.``

He told The Guardian on Sunday in an exclusive interview in Dodoma over the weekend that he was happy the National Audit Office has revealed the truth over the matter and justice done.

On April, 25 2008, Sitta announced in Parliament that he received allegations that he had embezzled about 60million/- while in Bangalore, India, on December 21, 2007 for treatment. The Speaker`s treatment involved an operation administered on him.

He said, without naming those accusing him, the tendency to create unfounded claims to tarnish people`s image was normal in politics.

``I am sure those fond of creating allegations against others will continue doing so.

All this is dirty politics but we will not be deterred by their behaviour,`` he said, adding that such people have even claimed that he sometimes used Bunge funds to tour his constituency.

Sitta explained that the funds allocated for his office are administered by two special officials. He said even when he travels it is the same people who process the funds, observing all financial procedures.

There are reports in political circles that the ``victims`` of the Bunge decision on Richmond scam in early 2007 had soon started to wage a campaign against Sitta as revenge, hoping he loses in the general elections next year.

Speaking to reporters last Monday in Dodoma Controller and Auditor General (CAG) Ludovick Utouh said his office audited all the Bunge accounts but could not find any irregular payment or embezzlement that the Speaker was being associated with.

``We did our audit work very thoroughly but we did not see anything that would suggest something was done out of the required financial procedures,`` CAG Utouh was quoted as saying.

  • SOURCE: Sunday Observer
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